Nuklear Nim is Nim binding for Nuklear GUI library. At the moment it is in the alpha stage and generally, it is a WYSIWYG (or DIY) type of the project. ;)

I created the project because I needed a GUI library for my other projects in Nim. It is more like backup than a real project. I will occasionally update the binding, as I will work more with it in other cases. For this reason, I don't accept any bug reports or requests for features. Not until the 3rd stage of the project (for roadmap, please look at README.md file in the repository).


The project released under 3-Clause BSD license.

Available options:

The most actions don't require creation of an account here. You can use the anonymous account, for example, to create a forum topic. Just every anonymous entry must be moderated before it appear to everyone.

Additionally, this repository mirrored at GitHub, but the development done here.

If you find the project is interesting for you, please consider support it.