By "us" I mean me and my page :) Contrary to popular beliefs, support can be done in a few ways:

  • User contribution: Just use any of services available on the page or download and use my Open Sources programs. Yes, it is a contribution too. And if you are more ambitious, you can contact with me and say it :) Be aware that your work is useful for someone it is also motivating thing. Motivation = support :)

  • Quality and Assurance contribution: If you found any bug (typos and grammar mistakes are also bugs) on page or in my programs, please report them. Again, same as with user contribution, at least I will know if someone uses it. Plus this will help other people too, especially when I finally fix these most obvious problems. If you want to report here, you even don't need an account to open ticker or start talking on the forums. Just, thanks to the spammers, all new entries from new accounts need to be reviewed before they will be visible to everyone.

  • Marketing contribution: Spread the word about the page, its services and about available Open Source packages here. The more people will know about this place, the more support we will have :) Tell your friends about the page, put links to it on various social media pages, etc.

  • Financial contribution: Well, I'm daydreaming about someday quit my job and start work as a full-time Open Source developer. Maybe someday it happens, but for this I will need a lot of help from other peoples. Thus, if you have any spare "coins" I been very happy to take them :) Of course, before we can talk in something in exchange, some examples:

    • I could focus my work on Open Source projects on which you select and do what you want. Simply: hire me to do some Open Source work. Here are no strict prices, everything have to be discussed separately.

    • I can mention you on the page as a sponsor. Or you can just buy advertisement space here. Same as with hiring, no constant prices, let's discuss your and my expectations.

    • If you think that my work is worth something, just donate me. If you selected LiberaPay option, you will be able even to give something completely anonymously. In OpenCollective option, everything is open and visible to everyone. Even when and how much money I take :)