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The latest development version

Current the latest development release is 0.3.0 (29-07-2022):

This is the third alpha release of the shell. It brings again a lot of new features and bugs. :) Below are changes since the last version:

Tag BREAKING means the change break compatibility with a previous version of the shell.

  • Shell's commands' history now remember directory in which the command used last time and prioritize the local commands
  • Support for shell's read-only options
  • Ability to select how the shell's history should be sorted
  • Ability to reverse direction of the shell's history last commands list
  • Ability to set the amount, order and direction of order of the last commands to show for history list command
  • Ability to redirect output of aliases to standard error or the selected file
  • Ability to set the output of a program or script as the shell's prompt
  • The shell's plugins' system
  • Better getting commands from the shell's history
  • Better help entry for history list command
  • Type of some of the shell's options' to natural instead of integer
  • Updated
  • BREAKING: Renamed command history show to history list to match other subcommands related to listings
  • BREAKING: Renamed command options show to options list to match other subcommands related to listings
  • Reading command line parameters, when there is set database path and the command to execute
  • The program's help about setting the database's path
  • Showing error information during Tab completion
  • Showing error information during getting command from the shell's history
  • Showing error message on standard output instead of standard error
  • The look of alias show command when the description of the alias is empty
  • Pressing Enter key, repeat the last entered command
  • The cursor position during editing a command

The repository version

The newest version of the program (the latest changes to the code):

You can also clone the repository by using this command:

fossil  clone  nish.fossil

The list of changes since the last release you can find here