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YASS - Yet Another Static Site (Generator)

As the name says, it is a static site generator written in Ada. It is headless application (no user interface, use it from console). Main goal of the project is to create a simple static site generator, with some basic functions but easily extendable. The program is available only for Linux 64-bit. For more information about the program, please look at documentation.

  • Advanced Ada Web Server HTML templates

    Composite tags allow easily creating lists or tables without HTML inside markdown files. Including system allow split and merge sites layouts on few reusable elements.

  • Full CommonMark support via libcmark

    Everything what is possible in CommonMark will be parsed to HTML.

  • Support almost infinite amount of custom tags in HTML templates (depends on available RAM) and separated tags for whole site and each page

    Just add tags to the site project configuration file or directly to markdown files.

  • Fast

    Just Ada and C. Should be one of the fastest static site generator available.

  • Can be extended with modules, written in any script/programming language

    Anything what can be run on your computer/server can be used as the program module.

  • Can generate sitemaps

    Generate sitemaps for the search engines, fully configurable. Can be disabled.

  • Can generate Atom feeds

    Generate simple Atom feeds from pages or choice one page as a source for the feed. Can be disabled either.

  • Auto reconfigure server when configuration file was changed

    The program in server mode monitor the site configuration file periodically and reconfigure self if needed. You don't need to stop it and restart to apply configuration changes.

If you have any questions or propositions about the YASS feel free to open ticket here.

Available options:

  • Home - The starting page of the project. You are here.
  • Timeline - Show the last changes to the project.
  • Code - Browse files (source code) in the repository.
  • Download - Download the whole repository (with this page also). Available options are compressed files or Fossil clone of this repository
  • Forum - If you want to discuss something related to the project, come there.
  • Tickets - If you have any problems with the project, or you found a bug in the code, open a new ticket here. Also, you can browse existing tickets too.
  • Docs - The official project documentation.
  • Search - Search through tickets, commit messages and in wiki pages.

The most actions don't require creation of an account here. You can use the anonymous account for example, to create tickets. Just every anonymous entry must be moderated before it appear to everyone.

Additionally, this repository is mirrored on GitHub and GitLab

If you find the project is interesting for you, please consider support it.