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TASHY2 is short from Tcl Ada SHell Younger version 2. It is a derivative of TASHY

IMPORTANT: TASHY2 is not compatible with TASHY. At this moment it is at very early stage of the development, pre-alpha stage. Also, this is now mostly a playground thus don't expect too much soon :)

TASHY2 is the Ada 2012 binding to Tcl/Tk. It allows using Tcl code in Ada code and vice versa. Included bindings:

  • Tcl - It is the base binding. Allow use Tcl scripts in the Ada code. If you need any binding here, please open a ticket with it.
  • Tk - Requires Tcl binding. Allows use Tk GUI in the Ada code. If you need any binding here, please open a ticket with it.
  • Tklib - Requires Tcl and Tk bindings. Allows use additional packages for Tk GUI in the Ada code. Not started yet.
  • Msgcat - Requires Tcl binding. Allows creating multi-language text messages. Not started yet.

Differences with TASHY:

  • High level binding: old TASHY was looking like a mix between Ada and Tcl. TASHY2 tries to look like native Ada code
  • Reduce amount of code needed to create an application: TASHY2 doesn't follow exactly C binding or Tcl commands style. The idea is to create API which require the smallest amount of code to write to work. Thus, some subprograms can have different amount of arguments or even names. For more details, please look at the code documentation.
  • Simpler installation: The installation process was very simplified if compared to the old TASHY.
  • Simpler license: TASHY was licensed under GPL v2 with linking exception. TASHY2 is under Apache 2.0 license.

Available options:

  • Home - The starting page of the project. You are here.
  • Timeline - Show last changes to the project.
  • Code - Browse files (source code) in the repository.
  • Download - Download the whole repository (with this page also). Available options are compressed files or Fossil clone of this repository.
  • Forum - If you want to discuss something related to the project, come there.
  • Tickets - If you have any problems with the project, or you found a bug in the code, open a new ticket here. Also, you can browse existing tickets too.
  • Docs - The official project documentation.
  • Search - Search through tickets, commit messages, wiki pages and forum.

The most actions don't require creation of an account here. You can use the anonymous account for example, to create tickets. Just every anonymous entry must be moderated before it appear to everyone.

Additionally, this repository is mirrored at GitHub and GitLab

If you find the project is interesting for you, please consider support it.