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Bob is a Non-Intelligent console assistant. Bod doesn't try to replace any existing shells or build systems. It is designed to extend them. Often when you have few projects to work, they use different commands or build systems to maintain. To organize it, often you have to add or global aliases to your shell or create scripts which grow over time to maintain it. Bob trying to solve this problem by adding the ability to create local aliases for each directory. It is doing this by creating configuration files (in YAML) with defined aliases in each directory. When Bob is executed in a selected directory, it reads configuration file (if exists) for selected directory for aliases.

If you have any questions or propositions about the Bob feel free to open ticket here.

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  • Download - Download the whole repository (with this page also). Available options are compressed files or Fossil clone of this repository
  • Forum - If you want to discuss something related to the project, come there.
  • Tickets - If you have any problems with the project, or you found a bug in the code, open a new ticket here. Also, you can browse existing tickets too.
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The most actions don't require creation of an account here. You can use the anonymous account for example, to create tickets. Just every anonymous entry must be moderated before it appear to everyone.

Additionally, this repository is mirrored on GitHub and GitLab

If you find the project is interesting for you, please consider support it.