Ada Linux Packages Repository

General information

Ada Linux Packages Repository contains various programs and libraries related to Ada programming language for different Linux distributions. The main goal of the project is to create a repository of various Ada programs and libraries for different Linux distributions and CPU architectures in one place. Also, the repository can serve as an example for someone who wants to create own. All information related to the repository are under CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Not all the packages are available for every distribution, same with various architectures. At this moment available repositories are:

To see the full list of available packages please go to the repository page.

To see the lists of all available architectures and distributions, please look to the FAQ section.


Current status of the project is ready.

There are several packages available, but the repository still needs some work, mostly related to the documentation and to making packages more various distributions standards friendly. They should work but they content and names can change from time to time. Any help in that matter is more than welcomed. :)



All the tutorials are designed to be independent of each other. Thus, much information, especially general, in them will be overlapping. However, it is not required to read all of them to find desired information. But tips and tricks tutorial requires reading the previous one.

  1. Creating simple binary package for Debian describes how to create a simple binary package for the repository for Debian distribution.
  2. Creating simple library package for Debian describes how to create a simple library package (exactly three packages from one project: library itself, development files and development documentation) for the repository for Debian distribution.
  3. Tips and tricks for creating Debian packages describes tricks useful during creating a Debian package, not covered by the previous tutorials.