Weekly development report 2021-02-13

Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

This slowly is starting to be a tradition: when I find one bug in the stable version, almost always the second appears somewhere too :) Which mean, in around 24 hours since this post, a new bit more stable version of the game will be available for download.

In the development version of course, work on the UI slowly moving forward, almost as usual:


Ada binding to Tcl/Tk, the new version of TASHY

Work on Tcl.Lists package is finished for now. It can convert the selected Tcl list as variable name or just plain list to Ada arrays. Also, a few more general bindings and auxilary subprograms for manipulate various Ttk_Widget options were added too. As usual, during adding unit tests for them, a few bugs emerged too :) They are fixed also. Ttk_Button got some missing options update. And started work on Ttk_Label package. The binding is almost complete, now it need only to write some unit tests.


Graphical File Manager for Linux (written in Ada)

This week brings a bit more options to the console version of the program:


Non-Intelligent console assistant (written in Ada)

Bob got another build-in command: show which allow to preview setting for the selected local command. It shows variables and their values, commands to execute and flags related to the selected Bob command. That is probably the last thing which will be added to the Bob, now the maintenace work started: some small code refactoring and beautyfication. Also, added rules for AdaControl for force some coding standard (on myself, eh). In the next week probably there will be a lot of changes to the code :)