Weekly development report 2020-10-24

Welcome to the second development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

This time I break the tradition a little and add a few new screenshots here :)

The work on the new bases list is almost done. There are still some small things to do, but the whole list should work now. During the work there emerged problem with UI performance.

Because the bases list was used this same UI model as ship info lists, it was obvious that there will be problems too. Thus, the ship info screen got also some small changes. Also, as one of the players suggested, I've added some space between each section in the ship info. Here is the new look of the ship info screen.

Other things done this week: fixed some bugs related to the new UI, added some new bugs as usual by some code cleanup and refactoring. :) And a bit more seriously: adding the unit tests to continuous integration was a very good idea, another crash prevented. :)


As the work on setup script finished at now, the work on binding finally started. At this moment it is a very simple binding to Tcl: it is possible to execute any Tcl command or code inside the Ada code and add new commands to the Tcl from the Ada. Also, added unit tests to the binding and fixed the continuous integration for the project. Plus started work on Tk binding.


Again week spent on fixing bugs in code and typos and grammars in the project documentation. At least the code refactoring work was finished. Updating the code documentation slowly going forward.


Announced the last week "more work" ended as updating the project documentation, script to generate the code documentation and some other small changes to the project organization. At this moment any part of the code wasn't touched yet.