Weekly development report 2020-10-17

Welcome to the first and I hope not last development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week. At least this week was a bit productive :)

Steam Sky

In the development version it is almost a new tradition, time for the week with screenshots :) The most of the work was related to move the player's ship's cargo to the ship info screen. Now it is a real command center - all information about the ship (general, modules, crew and cargo) are on one screen. Also, this screen allows to control each part of the player's ship. For now, it looks good, just I'm curious how it will work with larger ships. To compare with the current stable version, here is the old ship info and here is the new. Additionally, the whole game UI should be simpler with that - less keyboard shortcuts, shorter menu options. Of course here is still some "small work" to do with the ship info, something what I call "paper-cuts" - nothing big but may be a bit annoying on longer play.

And another rework of the UI started too. This time the goal is to merge all knowledge lists (like bases, events, missions, stories) into one screen too. Also, as usual, some code refactoring and cleanup were done too. The next big stable version will be very "revolutionary" (read: "full of bugs") :) At least adding unit tests to continuous integration started paying back: only in this week it prevented one regression bug in the code.


Work on this project at this moment is finished. All bindings are on their place, the code documentation was updated too. And final (for the Tcl/Tk 8.6 version at least) release was done too. Now it is time on shift focus to...


This is continuation work of the project above. At this moment everything is under organization and only a new setup script was created. The main reason of existence of the project is that I want to clear and redesign the whole binding. Also, I want to change license from old GNU GPLv2 with linking exception to simple Apache 2.0. In the next week here should start arrive some code.


Here work also finished for now. At least until the next release of Ubuntu. Last changes here was setting exact version of Ubuntu to use and added dist-upgrade command to Debian bases images.


The main included themes, PaperColor got some updates to Ada and Tcl syntax highlighting. Also help for the project and vim-plug were updated same as screenshots. And because the last release was almost one year ago the project got a new release too in this week.


The most of the week was spent on fixing various bugs and the project organization. Added Captain Obvious Manifesto or Code of Conduct also simple script to run the debug version of the program. As usual, most work was done under the hood: some updates to the code documentation and code refactoring.


Almost one year on hiatus the project is back on the table. At this moment only the project version and Travis configuration were updated. More work will come in the next week.