Weekly development report 2022-11-12

Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

The plan was to release a new, more stable version on this Sunday, but today I found a few bugs related to filtering the items' lists. The game doesn't show all items' types available, for example in the trade screen. So, the release is postponed now to the next week until I will fix all of them. And probably find something more right before release. :)

In the development version, the main focus was again on the game's UI:


The experimental command shell written in Nim

Very similar week to the previous. It seems that my Unicode support wasn't perfect (read: was full of bugs :P) so I spent more time with it. But again, also some small new things arrived in the shell.