Weekly development report 2022-07-02

Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

The stable version, again quiet. Probably because I spend too much time with the development version. Nothing to report here, but I'm curious about bug reports from the other people. :)

The development version finally has something to show. Not too much, but always some progress:


The experimental command shell written in Nim

Again, some new things arrived in the shell. Still a lot of work to do, but slowly, the program is going to be useful. :)


Yass project to generate this website

Here only one small visible change in this week and probably month either. I removed not maintained any more Linux Ada Repository related pages. And the project is going to sleep again. Probably until I will not try to change the look of the page again. :)