Weekly development report 2022-06-11

Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

In the stable version: The best time for finding bugs is a day or two after a release. This rule worked this time. I fixed them, but they have to wait for release because there is scheduled a new development version soon. There is a small change too, now the game doesn't show empty inventories of crew members, just info that the inventory is empty.

Speaking of which, here work going as usual:

And as mentioned above, in around 24 hours since the post, everyone will have opportunity to tests all the changes. A new, development version of the game will be available for download.


The experimental command shell written in Nim

Still no new features this time. The whole week spent on playing with the code cleanup and refactoring.