Weekly development report 2021-11-13

Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

Again, nothing to report in the stable version of the gameā€¦ which mean I need to dig deeper to find the bugs. There must be something. :)

In the development version, the work on updating the game UI continues:


Ada binding to Tcl/Tk, the new version of TASHY

The whole week work was focused on adding colors enumerations values to the Colors_Names in Tk.Colors package. But at least, this one is finished. Now I'm trying to do a different approach than with the keys names in Tk.Bind package. I will create an array with index as Colors_Names and values of Tcl_Strings. We will see which solution is better for converting Ada enumeration to Tk names. That probably will take again some time. Also, there were a few different colors related records in various packages. Now they are unified and moved to Tk.Colors package.


Graphical File Manager for Linux (written in Ada)

The week of beautification of the console version again here:


Yass project to generate this website

The most of the week took work to update the project to the newest version of YASS. It means mostly removing unneeded settings from various pages. But also added a page about new project (in very early stage of organization), Ada Linux Package Repository. This triggered some small, but visible changes to the whole page style. But this is noticeable here. :)

Ada Linux Package Repository

Various Linux distributions repository with programs and libraries related to Ada programming language

This is the new kid here. The main reason of creating it, is to bring more conventional support for various Ada programs and libraries to Linux. Also, to made installation of Ada programs easier on Linux, thus to promote Ada language. :) At this moment, the repository is under organization. Many things, especially related to its documentation will be changed or are still missing. For now only a few packages are available in the repository, only for some Debian and Ubuntu versions.