Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

This week I have something to report in the stable version. Not sure if I should be happy about it. ;) Several bugs emerged during "tests" (read, playing) the game and I started to fixing them. There still is a couple to fix, thus in the next week there will be something to report too. And I have proof that I'm blind: one of the bugs is a bit old and in plain sight, setting the player's ship speed didn't work.

The development version got some small visible updates, but also fixes for bugs found in the stable version:

  • The remove module's dialog in the shipyard screen is now a bit more colorful.
  • Fixed showing information about the module's damage in the remove module's dialog in the shipyard screen.
  • Fixed setting the player's ship's speed on the map screen. This one was not working a long time, mostly because it wasn't implemented, eh.
  • The work to move the game to Nim language continues. Now I almost moved the code related to the combat to its new home. And because that's a lot of code moved, many new bugs arrived too. ;) Most of the time in the week was spent on fixing them.
  • And the old code got some cleanup as usual too.


The static code analyzer for Nim programming language

It seems to me, that the worst bugs are fixed here. A couple of days was quiet so, the new version of the program was arrived. And again I hope to put the project on the sleep mode for some time. We will see for how long. :) But before the new release, there were some changes to the program:

  • Fixed checking declarations of multiple variables with varDeclared rule.
  • Updated the project's documentation with the information about the latest changes.
  • And the new release mentioned above. :)


The non-POSIX command shell written in Nim

Maintenance work continues. At least the code should look good, according to nimalyzer tool. So, some more serious bugs were fixed this week and I started work on redesigning code related to the shell's database. And now, more details. :)

  • Fixed build Windows version of the shell on Linux. I'm still not sure if the shell works on Windows. It needs some brave soul to test it. Or me, to more advertise the shell. ;)
  • Fixed the shell hangs when the current directory doesn't exit anymore. Now it should move user to they home directory. If it doesn't exist too, move the user to the directory where the shell is.
  • The shell now returns the commands result code as a shell code, not like C result as before.
  • Fixed the shell's crash when the user is trying to edit an environment variable.
  • And the variable's edition's form got some small update: now it shows the current values of the variable colored. Same as the alias' edition's form.
  • Fixed showing the form's header in the alias' edition's form, after setting the recursiveness of the alias.
  • Show message instead of empty list when there are no the shell's aliases defined by the user.
  • The shell should handle better very long lines in the user's input.
  • As mentioned above, I started to replace the old code related to the shell's database with new, based on ORM technique. At the moment the work is in very early stage, just started converting the code related to the shell's aliases' data. Probably it will take a couple of weeks to finish. Especially because I have to learn something new here. :)

Wine cellar

A graphical user interface for managing Windows programs on FreeBSD written in Nim

Again, very short report here. The work on the code cleanup continues. Now it is focused on splitting code into smaller modules. Generally, nimalyzer should be happy now, except for too complex main() procedure. That's why the code is refactored now. :)

Beast cleaner

Simple shell script for find and remove stalled, unmaintained files on FreeBSD

That's the new thing here. As its description says, it is just a simple maintenance tool for FreeBSD. It can find all not maintained by any installed package files in /usr/local directory and delete them, one by one. At the moment I just putting it on the server. No work on it is planned in the nearest future. I will be back to it in some time, when Wine cellar will be in a bit better shape. Which means, not too soon. ;)

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