Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

In the stable version, again, a quiet week passed. I'm definitely missing something there. Well, at least I could focus on the development version of the game. There are probably a lot of new "features". :)

Speaking of which, as in the last months, the work on an upgrade to the game's UI continues. Again, some of them even visible to the players:

  • Changed a bit the look of in-game messages. Now they should be more concise, with fewer spaces inside them.
  • The in-game dialogs windows header now is more colorful. Because I couldn't decide which color I want to use, it took a few tries. ;)
  • The dialog with information about the player's ship's crew member now show the name of the crew member in its header.
  • The installation of a module dialog now show the close button when the module can't be installed otherwise, the cancel button.
  • Again, some code moved to Nim, now the whole code related to the game's configuration is in its new home. And I started moving the code related to combat. This will take some time. :)
  • And the old code got some updates too.

As another four weeks passed since the last big release, it is time to present the latest changes. ;) In around 24 hours since this post, a new development version of the game (the first for 10th version of the game) will be available to download.


The static code analyzer for Nim programming language

Another fruitful week with finding bugs in the project. Not use if I should be happy about it. :P Anyway, fewer bugs here and one more new feature arrived this week:

  • The installation of the program via nimble should now work as expected. With one breaking change: the name of the module to import which is needed for the program's rules in the checked code was changed from pragmas to nimalyzer. But I hope that change is for better. :)
  • Added the configuration option to set source code files to ignore. For example, when setting the whole directory to check, adding ignore directive in the configuration file will force the program to check all but the ignored one.
  • The rule hasDoc finally properly detect do variables in let section have a documentation.
  • The program's documentation was updated with the information about the latest changes.
  • Added showing the name of the rule to the program's error messages. It should make usage of the program's pragmas a bit easier.
  • The last change triggered a lot of changes in the program's unit tests. They are not finished yet, but should be done in the next week.


The non-POSIX command shell written in Nim

Still fixing problems related to Nim 2.0 and continues the code's beautification with nimalyzer. Especially the latter one will take some time. That's the cause the list of changes a bit short in this week:

  • Fixed compilation of module lstring with Nim 2.0
  • Fixed GitHub workflow to run properly all tests
  • As mentioned above, a lot of code cleanup and redesing with nimalyzer. That's also the main source of bugs reports in the nimalyzer itself. :)

Wine cellar

A graphical user interface for managing Windows programs on FreeBSD

And another maintenance week. The work on the code's beautification with nimalyzer continues. At least the biggest changes should be done now or will be done in the next week. So the report here is very short. :)

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