Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

The stable version of the game returned to its common quiet state. As usual, it is a bit suspicious, I probably again miss something there. Some pointers to the bugs are welcome. :)

The development version slowly goes forward, also as usual. :) Just in this week, there is nothing to show yet, even if some visible changes are made to the game:

  • Updated the look of dialogs in the bases' shipyard's screen. Both now have the same style of buttons like the other dialogs.
  • Finished redesigning the shipyard's screen. Now, same as in the other screens, clicking on the list brings the information dialog about the selected module. I think it was the last list to update.
  • Redesigned a bit the dialog for installing modules in shipyards. Before, the information about why the module can't be installed was hidden in a tooltip. Now it is added as a red text in the dialog.
  • As usual, some code was moved to Nim. Mostly related to the game's configuration this time.
  • And the old code got small cleanup either. :)


The static code analyzer for Nim programming language

Of course, at the moment when I started using the program with my other code, bugs emerged. The quiet time for the project gone very fast. :) All the week spent on fixing bugs plus adding one new feature to the program, that's why the next version will be 0.7 and not 0.6.1:

  • Fixed the project's configuration, so it will not install unneeded files like rulesList.txt. This took a couple of tries, but should now work properly.
  • Added new option to hasPragma rule, unBorrowed. If set, the rule will check for pragmas only procedures, functions, etc. things which don't have declared the pragma borrow.
  • Of course, the program's documentation was updated with the information about the newest addition.
  • Fixed the rule paramsUsed so it will check the parameters in the subprogram's declaration not in its definition. After all, the definition doesn't use any parameters at all. ;)
  • Fixed the crash when there are more reports from the program than set in a configuration file.
  • Fixed detection of documentation by hasDoc rule, especially documentation of types' declaration.


The non-POSIX command shell written in Nim

And welcome to the bug fixing week here. :) By most of the week I tried to fix all problems with Nim 2.0. I think most of them should be fixed now, but there are some things to check left:

  • As mentioned above, fixed some problems with compiling the program with Nim 2.0. It should now compile with Nim 1.6.14 and 2.0.
  • Removed deprecated pragma locks from the code.
  • Redesigned how the shell's options are set. That's related to the first point. The old way didn't work with Nim 2.0
  • Started cleaning the code with Nimalyzer. That's one of the reasons why so many bugs were found in it. :)

Wine cellar

A graphical user interface for managing Windows programs on FreeBSD

A maintenance week. Nothing interesting from the users' point of view, but anyway a lot of changes to the program's code were done.

  • Finished work on high level binding for Nuklear library. Now the code should looks like a normal Nim code not mix Nim and C. ;)
  • Started work on the program's code cleaning with Nimalyzer. I think it will continue by at least one week.

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