Welcome to the weekly development report or what was done in my Open Source projects in the last week.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

The last boring development report for version 9.0 of the game arrived. I have a bad feeling that the next reports will be very interesting, especially with information about fixed bugs. :) Again, there should be fewer bugs in the game. But the real test will be tomorrow.

  • Now should be a much less chance that bases will spawn at the border of the map when starting a new game.
  • The messages about in-game events should have fewer typos.
  • Added the missing message about encountered an enemy's patrol.
  • Fixed my other favorite bug: during starting a new game, when you moved the mouse too fast into the map, the game showed an error.
  • Also fixed some newly created, in the last weeks, bugs.
  • As usual, some code moved to a new place, that's how the problems with events' messages were found. Now, all the code related to in-game events should be in Nim, except for the user interface's code.
  • And the old code got some cleanup too.

As mentioned above, tomorrow will be another big day for the small game. ;) In around 24 hours since this post, the new big "stable" version of the game will arrive. And as far I know the life, then the bugs hunting process will start. :D


The static code analyzer for Nim programming language

This week spent mostly on adding new features to the project, finishing the previously started one and adding, literally, a couple of new rules:

  • The work on the new program's setting, explanation is done. The user can now add a message to the rules' settings. Also, all the program's rules should work properly with the new setting.
  • The program's configuration file was updated with explanations for all rules plus reworked a bit for better readability.
  • The new rule arrived, caseStatements. As its name suggest it offers some checks related to case statements in the code. At the moment, there only two checks, for minimum and maximum amount of branches of case statements.
  • Started work on another program's rule, comments. This one checks the comments in the code if they follow regular expression pattern and can check if the source code file contains a legal statement, by looking for copyright word in the first lines of the file. The rule is special for one thing: it doesn't use AST tree as other rules, AST doesn't contain comments, but operates directly on the source code file. This requires some changes mostly to the unit tests. There is still some work to do with them, but I hope to finish it in the next week.
  • As the new Nim version arrived (yay!), I've decided to try if the project builds with it. :) After a couple of tries I found the proper setting for GitHub action for the stable release. Looks like Nimalyzer is Nim 2.0 ready. :) I want to test one more configuration, and then I will switch to use 2.0 version for other platforms too.

Wine cellar

A graphical user interface for managing Windows programs on FreeBSD

And the next option in the program arrived: ability to edit an installed application. :) The one was much shorter than installation, after all it is just edition of a couple of files plus moving them around the hard disk. It seems to me that everything works as expected. And as the week was full of releases, I also updated Nuklear library to the newest version.

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