Welcome to the first weekly development report in its new home. :) More details about the changes and reasons under them are at the end of the report.

Steam Sky

Roguelike in a sky with steampunk theme (written in Ada)

Here we are again, with the third from almost boring development reports before the next major version. Same as in previous weeks, the work was focused on fixing bugs (still nice amount found) and moving the code to new place (and generating another bugs :) ).

  • Fixed setting full docks events in the debug menu.
  • Fixed updating in-game events. Previously they didn't expire, staying on the map infinitely.
  • Also, some newly introduced bugs were fixed. Mostly effect of work from the previous week. :)
  • The traders' ships now have more items for sale in them, mostly food and drinks. It should make trading * with them more worthy, especially with the smallest ones.
  • More code landed in Nim, this time code related to starting a combat.
  • And the old code got some upgrades too, as usual in the last couple of years. :)


The static code analyzer for Nim programming language

Another week mixed with code polishing and adding new features to the program. The most visible changes are related to the program's configuration. Surprising, the list of changes this week is quite long:

  • Fixed checking do all parameters are used by paramsUsed rule.
  • Updated unit tests and hasPragma rule to use new setting of maximum amount of the program's reports.
  • Some code refactoring: mostly by using constant variables instead of direct numbers when parsing AST nodes by the program's rules.
  • namedParams rule now properly reports own problems.
  • Updated the program's documentation, for users and for developers, with information about the newest changes in the project.
  • Fixed typos in the program's logs' messages during parsing a configuration file.
  • Added checks for maximum and minimum amount of branches to ifStatements rule. They are a bit of special checks, because they don't check when option all is set, and they have to be enabled directly.
  • Added check for invalid settings in the program's configuration files.
  • Added line number to error messages when parsing the program's configuration files.
  • And started work on new the program's setting: explanation. It will allow adding a text to check or fix type of rules when the checked code will violate the rule's setting. At the moment only code related to the program's configuration is done, more work to come.

Wine cellar

A graphical user interface for managing Windows programs on FreeBSD

And the work on installing new Window applications is really finished. :P All the heavy tasks are moved to separated thread, so the GUI is responsible by all the time. Also, the Wine's installation's part of the process is quiet now, all output from pkg commands is eaten. Probably in the future I will add it to the program's logging. The last task done in this week was code cleanup: some things are moved to separated modules, so the general code of the program should be a bit more clean.

The page

The page itself :)

As mentioned above, welcome to the new version of the page. :) By several years, I was using my own static page generator to maintain it. The page changed over time, but always was a bit primitive, lacking with time more and more modern things. I've decided that the time for changes has come. The first option was to try to install some classic CMS like WordPress or Drupal, but I wasn't satisfied with their performance, especially with Drupal. Then I found (yes, yes, I live in a cave :P) Flat File based CMS. After a short research, I have chosen Grav as a new engine for the page. It is blazing fast, especially when compared to the classic CMS plus have almost the same amount of options as them. Just it is more complicated to use than WordPress, especially. But still simpler than my previous solution. :) After some tweaks and work, the new version of the page arrived. At the moment, I'm very happy with it. There is still some work to do, probably some small changes will arrive in next weeks, but generally everything works as expected. And if someday I will decide about migrate to another CMS or back to a static site generator, Grav stores all pages as Markdown, so migration shouldn't be hard. Plus, it can be used as a static site generator too. ;)

The old version of the page is still available here.

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