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Google Fu moves:
  • Exact phrase: "use quotes around"
  • All of the words: just plain words
  • One of the words (separate by OR): this OR that OR word
  • Without the words (start the word with the minus sign): -not -this -words
  • Numbers range: (the range with units) 10..20 kg (just the range) 2011..2014
  • Only the selected page:
  • Older than the selected date: before:YYYY-MM-DD
  • Newer than the selected date: after:YYYY-MM-DD

Of course you can merge any of these moves to create a combo :)


Search for the Ada language or its subset SPARK related things on the Web. This search engine is powered by Google Programmable Search Engine. After showing results of your query, you can sort your them by relevance or date. The search engine is customized to find only Ada/SPARK related things, thus queries like "gps" return only "GNAT Programming Studio" related pages.

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Search for phrase in the Open Source Ada programming langauge programs. This search engine is powered by searchcode. The search engine is customized to looking only for code written in Ada.

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