General informations about Ada Programming Language Matrix room

What is Matrix?

From Wikipedia: Matrix is an open standard and lightweight protocol for real-time communication. It is designed to allow users with accounts at one communications service provider to communicate with users of a different service provider via online chat, Voice over IP, and Videotelephony. That is, it aims to make real-time communication work seamlessly between different service providers, just like standard Simple Mail Transfer Protocol email does now for store-and-forward email service.

From a technical perspective, it is an application layer communication protocol for federated real-time communication. It provides HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for securely distributing and persisting messages in JSON format over an open federation of servers. It can integrate with standard web services via WebRTC, facilitating browser-to-browser applications.



There is invited RSS bot to the room, which monitor the Ada Planet feed. If you want to add any other RSS/Atom feed feel free to contact with me.

Connecting via email

It is possible to connect with the room via email. To do this, try to contact with me (or anyone who joined the room) and please write which email address will you want to subscribe to the room. You can unsubscribe from the room at any time by clicking on link in mail. More informations how to invite someone by email to the Matrix room, you can find here.

Note: this email address will be visible to everyone on room members list.

Connecting with other communications service providers

It is possible to connect the room with others communications service providers like IRC, Gitter, Discord, Telegram to name few. Again, if you want to connect your room in any of this communicators, feel free to contact with me.


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