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Add section to main page about "projects to work on"?

By: Irvise
11 November 2023 at 12:13

Hi all!

I would like to propose a new section in the main of Ada-Lang.io. I want to start a conversation and get some feedback from the community before working on this idea. The feedback would need to be positive and the Website admins would have to approve it.

I would like to add a “Projects to work on” (or something similar) at the top navigation bar and mention this section in a couple of places. This section would list some projects and ideas where the community could work on in order to improve the general Ada ecosystem. Notice that I said “Ada Ecosystem” and not “Ada projects”!

For example, it could list projects such as:

  • Ada programming
    • Improve whatever thing in Alire
    • Help the IronClad kernel
    • Create some RTS for Zephyr RTOS, *BSD…
    • Create or improve high quality Ada bindings to some C libraries that people could make use of… Think of SDL2, MIDI, etc…
    • Create some highly desired Ada project
  • Quality assurance
    • Test Alire v2
    • Test Alire on Windows
    • Test GNAT/LLVM-GNAT on some systems and report bugs or improvements…
  • Integration on other systems
    • Improve Ada support in FreeBSD/NetBSD, etc…
    • Add Ada syntax support in LaTeX-lstlistings (for example, this would require very little Ada experience!)
    • Ada on Macs, Apple systems.
    • Ada and WASM
    • Ada and Android
  • Documentation
    • Write tutorials on topics such as “Getting started with Ada programming in RTEMS…”
    • Give feedback to guides or systems such as the “Learn Ada” website
  • Marketing
    • Make posts about Ada projects or news in general programming websites such as HackerNews, general subReddits, etc. (I would ask people to not be obnoxious or just post things for the shake of posting. Posts should be high quality and impactful in order to create momentum!)
    • Response accurately and nicely to comments and questions about Ada in social media
  • Help
    • Be present in forums, chats, etc in order to help new people getting started.
    • Compile a list of general Ada pitfalls that should be improved for newbees and general programmers.

This section would not be one where people just list their desires and own personal projects. It would mainly focus on general tools, outreach, easy to get-started projects for new Ada programmers, cool projects that could make Ada grow in the eyes of other programming circles, etc.

So… What do you think? I believe this is a great idea and it allows us, the community, to focus on basic structural issues, create a better “First impression/First experience” when getting started with Ada, and large projects that can be later be used to gain popularity and outreach.

Best regards,

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New user restriction

By: jklmnn
7 December 2022 at 08:11

Hi all,

I noticed that as a new user I cannot post more than three replies on the same topic. While I understand the rationale of this it makes it impossible for me to take part in the Advent of Code thread (at least not for more than three days). The proposed workaround in the popup to edit a previous reply doesn’t work as I don’t seem to be able to edit my older posts anymore.

What exactly are the criteria to be not considered as a new user anymore? And is there a way to remove this restriction from the Advent of Code thread (as I might not be the only one with this problem)?

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Gateway to comp.lang.ada

By: mgrojo
4 October 2022 at 19:11

It would be nice to have a category in the forum synchronizing with Usenet’s comp.lang.ada.

I found it should be possible using this gateway: GitHub - sman591/discourse-nntp-bridge: Discourse plugin to keep NNTP & Discourse in sync
Unfortunately, currently not in a known deployment: Still supported? · Issue #33 · sman591/discourse-nntp-bridge · GitHub

Running a spam filter would be indispensable.

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We need forum topics

28 September 2022 at 19:28

We need to start adding new topics to the forum. Here’s a suggestion based on other language forums:

  • Ada Programming [General Ada programming questions]
  • News and Announcements [Ada community news and forum announcements]
    • Ada in the News
    • Forum Announcements
  • Compilers [Compiler help]
    • GNAT
    • LLVM
    • Other
  • Alire and Toolchains [Toolchain help]
    * * Alire [Help with Alire project manager]
  • IDEs [Help with editors and programming environments]
    • VSCode
    • GNAT Studio
    • Other
  • Libraries and Packages [Help with Ada Libraries and packages]
  • Community [Community related questions]
    • Show and Tell
    • Polls
    • Q & A
  • Off topic [Questions unrelated to Ada development or community]
  • FAQs

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