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Pasta! Statistics

4 August 2020 at 15:04
For your fun, here is in a chart the statistical distribution of the players of the Pasta! game, per level.

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The yellow bars show the number of players who have completed level nΒ (after the scoring system was implemented).
The bars in other colours show where the players are currently and the maximum level they are allowed to play (1, or the highest completed level + 1).

Pasta! - Level 35

17 March 2019 at 19:47
Level 35Β of Pasta! is easy.

However you'll notice theΒ redoubtable Antipasta hiding below basil layers.
Still, they can trigger nice chain reactions...

Pasta! - level 35
As a bonus, I've written down how much time it took to build this level.

  • 7 minutes from the sketch on paper to Ada code, using two editors:Β LEAΒ and GNAT Programming Studio (GPS)Β including debugging: Ada detects at compile-timeΒ bugs like size mismatches or type errors. The only run-time issue was an infinite loop with rows of identical Antipasta. Perhaps it is a bug, or there are really no possible combination without immediate match for the startup board. I did not look into this.
  • 15 minutes testing the first version, which was a bit boring with nine columns and too few pasta sorts - that is, too many pasta of the same kind.
  • After reducing the number of columns from nine to seven and increasing the number of sorts of pasta, it became much funnier.
  • After v2 (2 minutes of testing), came v3 (7 minutes) and a few others (30 minutes in total) with always smaller fine-tuning for the number of rounds, the threshold in points, that corresponds to an easy (but not too easy) level.

Pasta! - Level 34

12 March 2019 at 18:13
First of all, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the newcomer, the fusillone:

The new pasta makes its first appearance in level 34 of theΒ Pasta!Β game.

Caution: it's a Piccante level, which means it's a tough one.
Here are a few hints about how to tame it.

  • There are lots of moves at start (30), so your fate is (mathematically speaking) quite divergent: perhaps you'll be very lucky quite early, perhaps not at all. Don't give up, and try again!
  • Spot the 4's, the L's and T's early to earn points, even if all this basil is still blocking you (usually the tactic is to get rid of obstacles first)
  • Try to clear as much basil as possible in single moves (like the threeΒ fusillone on the bottom left in the picture)
  • Once there is more room on the plate, don't forget the general rule of these kind of games: do matches on the bottom, so you trigger more chain reactions.
  • Remember that there is an infinity of lives in this game, and that you can restart a level at any time either by clicking on the map, but, even easier, by clicking the Reload button!

As a bonus, here is the development Pasta! server, running from the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS), with level 34 as source code.
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