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CBSG: added "next stage of growth" and "high-volume production"

17 April 2021 at 15:36

The Corporate Bullshit Generator (CBSG) is growing and growing...
We just added... "next stage of growth" and "high-volume production"!

For seeing the second addition in a sort of self-referencing action, let's just type on a terminal:

Β Β  produce_corporate_bullshit -b "high-vol"

...to show how the software can literally produce high volumes of bullshit with laser-focus:

"It's not about attractiveness. It's about the outsourced high-volume production.
The key to high-volume production is value realization.
Thought leadership requires truly optimizing high-volume production to deliver maximum impact."
A video capture of the above command illustrates perhaps better the "high-volume production" πŸ˜‰ of the CBSG:


Together forever...

26 August 2020 at 08:51

Latest commit to the Corporate Bullshit Generator (live web app - source site 1 - source site 2): only one addition, but which one!

[prompt] produce_corporate_bullshit -h

-1, --one, --sig single sentence
-b, --bulk EXPR infinite loop; shows only sentences with EXPR
-h, --help this help
-w, --workshop workshop format

[prompt] produce_corporate_bullshit -b "together, we"

Together, we synergize a workforce-focused, deterministic, global touch-base.
Together, we prioritize well-implemented accelerators.
Together, we solutionize profiles.
Together, we execute on priorities.
Together, we enhance game-changing strategic staircases.
Together, we identify known unknowns.
Together, we facilitate our competitive success.
Together, we whiteboard outward-looking challenges.
Together, we create momentum.

Bullshit Generator: the Next Steps

1 July 2020 at 06:11
Here we admire again the recyclability of high-quality bullshit. The latest additions to theΒ CBSGΒ stem from an article written in 1996 - a time when the double-digit-growth boys were busy replacing boring industry by shiny finance. The article was found by bootstrapping (mark a sentence from theΒ CBSG, search it with your preferred search engine). Some extracts are appealing:
Enron didn't rely on huge "bet-the-company" gambles to create growth. Each step was a manageable investment that built on established capabilities and offered the potential to add new ones.
A company need not possess strengths in all areas of a businessβ€”just in the areas important to making money. Growers distinguish between attributes that garner value and those that are simply necessary to play the game. Enron became a world leader in international private power generation because it saw that profit did not depend on construction and operation skills, but on deal structuring and risk allocation.
Anyway. Here are some new key additions to theΒ CBSG, put in practice:

One thing about talent retention is clear: reputation and resiliency turbocharge a values-based market practice.
One thing about data practices is clear: delivery framework, competitive differentiator and solution boost architectures.

The Digital Marketers create strategic options and opportunities across geographies.
The pioneers create strategic options and opportunities going forward.

Opting out of reorganizations is not a choice, while the team players create new business options.
A profit-maximizing portfolio shaping 24/7 reenergizes a motivational onboarding solution. As a result, the team players create new business options.

Trending your numbers should carve a competitive position.
The point is not merely to carve a competitive position. The point is to reinvest in a high-grade footprint.

The team players preempt competitors by thinking outside of the box.
High-performance benchmarkings challenge us to preempt competitors.

The group facilitates our value-chain without pre-empting or constraining future flexibility.
The key representatives improve top-line talents without pre-empting or constraining future flexibility.

The challengers co-specify cross-platform, bifocal, evolutions.
The resources formulate a non-linear, bifocal and hyper-hybrid business equation.
Fully networked, company-first, industry market shifts challenge us to front-face bifocal value propositions.

Cross-pollinations deepen a manageable brand value.
The white-collar workforce potentiates manageable efficient frontiers.
Manageable portals motivate the market thinker.

The tolerably expensive, innovative, digital acceleration interacts with our distinctive workflows.
The decision makers strengthen distinctive swim lanes.
The enablers take control of structured, distinctive, organizational and high-level visibilities.
Probably, if we search for "wirecard double-digit growth" we'll find some fresh stuff for the CBSG...