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HAC version 0.26

Main URL: https://hacadacompiler.sourceforge.io/
Sources, site #1: HAC Ada Compiler download | SourceForge.net
Sources, site #2: GitHub - zertovitch/hac: HAC Ada Compiler - a small, quick Ada compiler fully in Ada
Alire Crate: Alire - Hac

What’s new:

  • You can use a loop’s name for the exit statement: exit Loop_Name.
  • You can exit multiple, nested, loops, by using exit Loop_Name.
  • Ada semantics are better verified:
    • Array indexing (i)(j) (array of array) and (i,j) (multi-dimensional array) are no more treated as equivalent (this feature was a remnant of the Pascal syntax).
    • Separation between Type and Subtype declarations (anonymous types are allowed only in the few cases foreseen by the language).
    • Operators of the HAT package (+, -, &) are visible without prefix only in the scope of a use HAT; clause.

Note that correct Ada programs, in relation to the above points, were already accepted and parsed correctly by HAC before that change.

Finally, a bit of cosmetics in the build messages:

C:\Ada\hac\exm>..\hac -v2 -c pkg_demo.adb

*******[ HAC ]*******   HAC is free and open-source. Type "hac" for license.
       [ HAC ]          HAC Ada Compiler version 0.26, 08-Jul-2023
       [ HAC ]          Compiling main: pkg_demo.adb
       [ HAC ]          | Compiling x_pkg_demo_s.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]           \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s1.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s11.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s11.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s12.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s12.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s13.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s13.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]           /           x_pkg_demo_s1.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]           \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s2.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s21.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s21.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s22.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s22.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s23.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s23.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]           /           x_pkg_demo_s2.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]           \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s3.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s31.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s31.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s32.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s32.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]            \ Compiling x_pkg_demo_s33.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]            /           x_pkg_demo_s33.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]           /           x_pkg_demo_s3.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]          |           x_pkg_demo_s.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]          | Compiling x_pkg_demo_m.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]          |           x_pkg_demo_m.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]          | Compiling x_pkg_demo_b.ads (specification)
       [ HAC ]          |           x_pkg_demo_b.ads: done.
       [ HAC ]          Compilation of pkg_demo.adb (main) completed
       [ HAC ]          ------  Compilation of eventual with'ed unit's bodies  ------
       [ HAC ]          | Compiling x_pkg_demo_s.adb (body)
       [ HAC ]          |           x_pkg_demo_s.adb: done.
       [ HAC ]          | Compiling x_pkg_demo_s1.adb (body)

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LEA v.0.87

LEA is a Lightweight Editor for Ada

Web site: http://l-e-a.sf.net/
Source repository #1: LEA / Code / [r343]
Source repository #2: GitHub - zertovitch/lea: LEA is a Lightweight Editor for Ada

Recent changes:

  • Added auto insert feature: e.g. typing ( inserts ).
  • Added color theme Solarized Light.
  • Added a “stealth mode” in which LEA doesn’t leave
    traces in the registry.
  • Editor adds -- if the cursor is within a comment when the Return key
    is pressed (consequence: a comment is split into two comments).
  • If the cursor is within a string literal when the Return key is
    pressed, the string literal is split into two valid string
    literals with a & between them.
  • Added unhandled exception information to message list
  • Tabs with the various file names
  • LEA doesn’t write scilexer.dll as a file; thus, it runs as
    a portable application (in the sense: you can run it from a
    read-only drive directly, without installation)
  • Added a Build & Run button (for the HAC compiler).


  • multi-document
  • multiple undo’s & redo’s
  • multi-line & multi-point edit, rectangular selections
  • color themes, easy to switch
  • duplication of lines and selections
  • syntax highlighting
  • parenthesis matching
  • bookmarks

Currently available on Windows.
Gtk or other implementations are possible: the LEA_Common[.*] packages
are pure Ada, as well as HAC.


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GWindows release, 29-May-2023

GWindows is a full Microsoft Windows Rapid Application Development
framework for programming GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) with Ada.
GWindows works only with the GNAT development system,
but with some effort, GWindows could be made pure Ada.
GWindows is free and open-source!

Changes to the framework are detailed in gwindows/changes.txt or
in the News forum on the project site.

GWindows Project site:

GWindows GitHub clone:


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Wikipedia articles about GNAT

Some Wikipedia articles about GNAT are terribly outdated, for instance:

Perhaps someone will be tempted to give them a brush-up…

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Build order with gprbuild

When a GNAT project A depends on project B, is there a simple (*) way to make gprbuild build project B before starting the build of A?
It would be useful when project B generates Ada sources…

with "code_generation.gpr";

project Main is
  for Source_Dirs use (".", "gen");
  for Object_Dir use "obj";
  for Create_Missing_Dirs use "True";  --  Flips by default the "-p" switch
  for Main use ("main.adb");
end Main;

(*) By “simple” I mean simpler than the way described here:

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