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GNAT-LLVM (for macOS)

If you want to build a single source file, you can say llvm-gnatmake foo.adb and all will be well. The link is done using llvm-gcc -shared-libgcc.

If you try building with gprbuild (the equivalent of the above would be gprbuild --target=llvm --no-project foo.adb), gprbuild tries to do the link with clang -static-libgcc, which fails because clang doesn’t support that option.

The only way I’ve found round this is to use an actual project with

package Linker is
   for Driver use "g++";
end Linker;

but does anyone know a way of saying the same thing to gprbuild from the command line?

Why g++ I hear you ask? It looks to me as though gprbuild would normally use a C compiler, unless it detects the faintest whiff of C++, in which case it’ll use a C++ compiler, so as to be sure of getting the C++ libraries. It looks on the PATH for a C[++] compiler that’s compatible with the target, llvm, and the only one it finds is /usr/bin/clang[++].

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Has anyone here shareable experience with Libadalang for more than the examples that come with it?

What I'm looking for is to extract - for each subprogram in a spec - the name, the parameters (name & type), and the return type if any. I'm finding it really hard to understand the API reference.

At the moment I'm looking at the Ada API, having had grief with the Python version (to do with shared libraries on macOS) and with the Python API.

Seriously missing ASIS.

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