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Where to get latest stable GNAT Studio?

Hi all, very basic question but I'm having trouble figuring it out. I'm trying to install GNAT Studio on Ubuntu and/or Windows.

1. According to AdaCore's blog post A New Era For Ada/SPARK Open Source Community, GNAT Community has been discontinued, and Alire is how we're meant to install GNAT Studio from now on.

2. The 2021 releases on AdaCore's Download GNAT Community Edition page are therefore presumably not the latest stable releases

3. Alire's Transition from GNAT Community page says you can't install GNAT Studio through Alire at all, you have to install it manually:

As of today Alire doesn’t install GNAT Studio automatically, but you can get a release for Windows x64-64 or Linux x86-64 from the repository: https://github.com/AdaCore/gnatstudio/releases Once GNAT Studio is installed and in the PATH, you only have to use the command $ alr edit in your crate to start it.

4. The linked GitHub page shows a 'GNAT Studio Continuous Release 20220512', tagged as 'Pre-release', but I'm looking for the latest stable build. The GitHub page doesn't list this.

(Also, AdaCore's GNAT Studio page doesn't even mention the freely available community/FOSS version.)

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