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Logo on Wikipedia article

I looked at the Wikipedia article about Ada) and noticed that the community logo previously used in the article has been swapped with the one unilaterally proposed by AdaCore, which erroneously has the description "as defined by the Ada Community" in the article. Many people will read about the language from that article. I think it's a shame that the logo designed by Leah Goodreau in 2015 is no longer visible, especially considering that it was decided in a community competition and considering that not everyone agrees with the simplified logo trend.

I would make an edit on the article so that both logos are shown, along with subtexts such as "Community logo designed by Leah Goodreau" and "Logo designed by AdaCore" but my IP is banned, even though I have never edited anything on Wikipedia. If someone reading this agrees that both logos should be visible (and is not banned on Wikipedia), then please make this edit on the article. Thank you.

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