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Ada developer looking for a job as software developer

Hi everyone my name is Joseph . I write this post because i want to be involve in a carrier as Ada developer. I love working with Ada. It first start as hobby writing scripts and gui. Bc i was already involve with Arduino i start embedded project now i am capable to work with stm32 boards.

Recently i start an open source projet ( write ada drivers for common used arduino components ).

I also make an 3DOF robotic arm with Ada.

I am currently located in Senegal and there are no Company using Ada. I Feel useless over here. That's why i want a position in Canada, France or any place where i can work with very talents developers and improve my knowledge.

If you have informations that can help me it will help me out a lot bc i am bout to be a father and my family deserve a good life.

Thank you.

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3d simulator with GtkAda

Is it possible to build a 3d simulator using GtkAda. I have couple of knowledge on openGL and currently only Gtk 4 support GLShader and GtkAda is build on Gtk 3.x which support only 2d drawing. If i am not wrong ?!

What choice do i have to archive this project ? I taught about learning Gtk 4 with cpp and interface some of my Ada subprogams and packages.

Thank you for your answer.

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