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Hello, I’ve got a REST API client set up for a project that currently pulls data from the API via AWS as a Stream_Element_Array, parses the JSON via VSS.JSON’s pull reader, and then serialises it in a record for fast access and caches the data to disk.

I’m wondering if anyone who has used both VSS and GNATCOLL’s json packages has any opinions about which of the two are better. I end up working with up to 400MB of JSON at a time (when condensed, ~200MB), and as it is VSS currently takes about 45 seconds to parse the full JSON. Loading the cached data is quite quick and not an issue.

Looking through the spec I’m just a bit worried whether or not GNATCOLL can handle reading hundreds of megabytes from an unbounded string, and what the consequences of trying to do that would be for my memory usage.

This isn’t on an embedded system or anything, so ~1-2GB of RAM used would be okay, but it is part of a larger application that uses Gtkada and draws a lot of images to the screen, so minimising RAM usage and maximising performance would be great.

I’m also hopeful that this project, when released, will raise awareness of how nice Gtkada is compared to a number of other GUI libraries :slight_smile:


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