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AdaChess – The third release!

It’s time to happily say: AdaChess, the 3rd release, is ready to play! It has passed a lot of time from the previous version and from the alpha and beta release. Despite the long waiting, I develop AdaChess actively every week. There are a lot of improvement comparing to the previous 2.1 release and also […]

AdaChess on the Ada User Journal – 2nd time

Ada User Journal, the printed and online archive that keeps track on projects, library and other stuffs which involved the Ada programming language, wrote about my engine for the second time. I am always really happy to have the feeling that, in my own small way, I help to spread the word of Ada. The […]

Is Ada a good choice to develop a chess engine?

In this article I want to share my opinion regarding the choice of Ada as a programming language to be used for a chess engine. This article targets both at programmers who already know Ada and programmers who don’t. While reading please do not forget that I will not say that Ada is the best […]

Testing the 2016.11.08-pre version

Hey, here I am! After a lot of work to improve the previous version and after a year and an half the new upcoming engine is really close to its final release! I’m testing last things to fine-tune some small stuff before the final release. Feel free to download it and play at your best! […]

AdaChess is growing: more Ada and more Chess

The latest AdaChess release is really a nice improvement if compared toΒ the previous one. AdaChess comes with some coolΒ new features both in terms of chess playing style/strenght and in the Ada source code. As everybody knows, AdaChess had (has?) only two serious weakness: the speed – in terms of nodes per second – and the […]