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Gtkada widget from scratch

I don’t have a lot of hope for this but anyway.

I need to create a widget to select a range (like a scale widget but with two cursors, one for the lower bound and another for the upper bound). This needs to be built "from scratch". According to the Gtkada documentation, I just have to take a look at the gtkdial example (gtkdial seems to be the classic example for gtk to build widget from scratch).

The example is clearly out of date, a lot of functions, packages and events don’t exist anymore.

For example Gtk.Widget.Realize_Handling is gone (instead we have on_Realize I think), the function Get_Count doesn’t exist as the event "size_request"… I tried to do it on my own by reading and understanding the source code, but I’ m still a beginner with GTK.

Do you know if an up-to-date version of this example exists?