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[ANN] Ayacc 1.4 and Aflex 1.6

By: stcarrez
14 May 2023 at 22:10

I’ve made new versions for Ayacc and Aflex with several improvements. To summarize:

  • support for reentrant scanner and parser,
  • Bison like options to tune the generated parser,
  • some code block injection (Γ  la Bison) to customize the scanner and parser…

You can use them with Alire as follows:

alr get aflex
cd aflex_1.6.0_b3c21d99
alr build
alr install
alr get ayacc
cd ayacc_1.4.0_c06f997f
alr build
alr install

For a more detailed explanation about the reentrant support, have a look at Reentrant scanner and parser with Aflex and Ayacc

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