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Unlocking the Power of OpenAI in Ada programs

By: stcarrez
1 October 2023 at 16:52

I wanted to play with OpenAI in Ada programs so I wrote the OpenAI Ada library. I wrote one command line Chat-GPT example and another for image generation with DALL.E.

You can use it with Alire and the examples should easily be built with it. The caveat is that you need an API key from OpenAI service.

More details in the article:

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Ada BFD 1.3.0 release

By: stcarrez
20 August 2023 at 14:45

Ada BFD is an Ada binding for the GNU Binutils BFD library. The new version provides an Alire crate and fixes compilation issues with recent GNU binutils. You’ll also find some (very basic) notes to setup, use the library by loading a program symbol table and finding the nearest source line associated to some program address.

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Basic computer games: rewrite in Ada?

By: stcarrez
7 August 2023 at 08:12

If some of you have free time, want to exercise their Ada skills or learn Ada, it could be fun to provide Ada implementation for some of the 96 basic computer games. The current list of languages include a set of 10 languages. One requirement is that the language must be memory safe. They also speak about a general purpose scripting languages but this is not clear since rust, Java and Kotlin are listed.

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Using AWS with Alire and SSL

By: stcarrez
25 June 2023 at 08:03

By default when you use AWS in an Alire project, you have executed some alr with aws command or added the following line to your Alire toml configuration file:

aws = "~23.0"

Then you are happy to compile your project and use AWS but you may get a cryptic Program_Error exception that is raised when you have your AWS client that tries to connect to a server using https:

aws-client.adb:608 finalize/adjust raised exception

Despite the fact that AWS project is configured with OpenSSL support, it will not use it by default.
Indeed, the AWS project is using the SOCKET configuration which is not configured by default in the GNAT project. Hopefully, you can fix that by building your project with:

alr build -- -XSOCKET=openssl

Now, to avoid the cryptic Program_Error exception, it is also best to check for SSL support in AWS by using a test such as:

if not AWS.Net.SSL.Is_Supported then
  -- No SSL support, report a cleaver error message
end if;

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Ayacc 1.4 and Aflex 1.6

By: stcarrez
14 May 2023 at 22:10

I’ve made new versions for Ayacc and Aflex with several improvements. To summarize:

  • support for reentrant scanner and parser,
  • Bison like options to tune the generated parser,
  • some code block injection (Γ  la Bison) to customize the scanner and parser…

You can use them with Alire as follows:

alr get aflex
cd aflex_1.6.0_b3c21d99
alr build
alr install
alr get ayacc
cd ayacc_1.4.0_c06f997f
alr build
alr install

For a more detailed explanation about the reentrant support, have a look at Reentrant scanner and parser with Aflex and Ayacc

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