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Basic editing setup in Emacs - does anyone have this working?

By: slondr
4 September 2023 at 15:07

I’m getting back into Ada after a long time away. Emacs is my editor of choice, and it seems like ada-mode has some awesome features out of the box, but not syntax highlighting. By default, in Emacs 29.1, it attempts to defer to eglot for face support, but eglot does not provide face support. It seems that the pre-eglot method of facifying ada-mode buffers was with a bespoke parser called wisi, but when I try to compile that from the elpa source I get a generic β€œfailed to compile” error, even when running alr manually with the highest level of verbosity. ada-ts-mode exists, and highlights syntax correctly, but does not support auto-indentation so it makes for a remarkably poor DX in Emacs, where auto-indentation is the norm.

Does anyone have an Ada setup in Emacs with both syntax highlighting and auto-indentation working?

I see that in the latest release of ada-mode it supports setting the face-backend to other, but there isn’t any documentation that I can find of what to do next to plug in a highlighter of your choice, such as tree-sitter.

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