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2023 Crate of the Year Awards!

By: Fabien.C
29 September 2023 at 07:59

Hello here, AdaCore just announced the 3rd edition of the Crate of the Year Awards.

This time there is no need to register, winning crates will be selected from all the crates in the Alire ecosystem.

I am opening this thread as a place for everyone to discuss which crate they think would be a good candidate or even promote their crate.

Have fun and happy hacking!

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GNAT FSF 13 available in Alire [preview]

By: Fabien.C
10 August 2023 at 17:18

Hi all,

We finally have GNAT FSF 13 builds available in Alire, in a separate branch for now. To try it, add an index like so:

alr index "--add=git+https://github.com/alire-project/alire-index#gnat-fsf-13.1.0" --name=gnat_fsf_13 --before=community

Apologies for the delay, this release was particularly difficult to build for no good reasons (GitHub CI, time available, etc.). Also note that the compilers hosted on macOS x86_64 are missing, I will try to make them available ASAP.

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Our Contribution to the Ada Logo Discussion (blog.adacore.com)

By: Fabien.C
10 January 2023 at 16:07

AdaCore is releasing the Ada Horizon logo in the public domain:


There’s also a small website to make your own version: ada-logo-editor | Static website that provides easy customization of the Ada horizon logo

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Advent of Ada Submissions

By: Fabien.C
24 November 2022 at 12:47

Hello here,

As announced on the blog today, for each person completing one of the Advent of Code challenges using the Ada programming language, AdaCore will donate $10 to the Ada Developers Academy, up to a total of $5,000. And for those willing to go an extra mile, AdaCore will donate $20 if the solution is implemented in SPARK with at least proof of absence of run-time errors (a.k.a. Silver level).

To submit your solutions, reply to this post with a line of the following format:
[<pseudonym>][<day>][<Ada or SPARK>]<link to solution source code>

For instance, if I solve the 3rd day problem using Ada:
[Fabien-Chouteau][3][Ada] https://github.com/Fabien-Chouteau/advent-of-ada/…

And the 5th day using SPARK:
[Fabien-Chouteau][5][SPARK] https://github.com/Fabien-Choutea/advent-of-ada/…

Happy hacking!

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The new GNATdoc is available, let's create a `docs.ada.dev` website (mabye?)

By: Fabien.C
16 November 2022 at 16:47

Using Alire 1.2.1 if you update your index (alr index --update-all) you will have access to the new gnatdoc implementation based on Libadalang.

This is the opportunity for me to start on project I have in mind since a long time, a website that provides a collection of documentation from all the Alire crates (a.k.a. docs.ada.dev).

I would like to gather feedback here, what this website should look like and do in your opinion?
Or even, is it a good idea to make such website as opposed to push documentation to existing platforms like readthedocs.org?

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