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Our Contribution to the Ada Logo Discussion (blog.adacore.com)

By: Fabien.C
10 January 2023 at 16:07

AdaCore is releasing the Ada Horizon logo in the public domain:


There’s also a small website to make your own version: ada-logo-editor | Static website that provides easy customization of the Ada horizon logo

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Advent of Ada Submissions

By: Fabien.C
24 November 2022 at 12:47

Hello here,

As announced on the blog today, for each person completing one of the Advent of Code challenges using the Ada programming language, AdaCore will donate $10 to the Ada Developers Academy, up to a total of $5,000. And for those willing to go an extra mile, AdaCore will donate $20 if the solution is implemented in SPARK with at least proof of absence of run-time errors (a.k.a. Silver level).

To submit your solutions, reply to this post with a line of the following format:
[<pseudonym>][<day>][<Ada or SPARK>]<link to solution source code>

For instance, if I solve the 3rd day problem using Ada:
[Fabien-Chouteau][3][Ada] https://github.com/Fabien-Chouteau/advent-of-ada/…

And the 5th day using SPARK:
[Fabien-Chouteau][5][SPARK] https://github.com/Fabien-Choutea/advent-of-ada/…

Happy hacking!

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The new GNATdoc is available, let's create a `docs.ada.dev` website (mabye?)

By: Fabien.C
16 November 2022 at 16:47

Using Alire 1.2.1 if you update your index (alr index --update-all) you will have access to the new gnatdoc implementation based on Libadalang.

This is the opportunity for me to start on project I have in mind since a long time, a website that provides a collection of documentation from all the Alire crates (a.k.a. docs.ada.dev).

I would like to gather feedback here, what this website should look like and do in your opinion?
Or even, is it a good idea to make such website as opposed to push documentation to existing platforms like readthedocs.org?

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