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Before yesterdayAda: When the software HAS to work

πŸ† Top Ada open source projects and contributors

Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce you some interesting lists and rankings related to the Ada open source ecosystem:

- Top Contributors (global or by country): https://opensource-heroes.com/contributors?language=ada
- Awesome projects: https://opensource-heroes.com/awesome/ada (we plan to add soon a new feature to allow everyone to contribute to that list directly from the site)
- Country stats: https://opensource-heroes.com/ada

You can also find "stars" history in the detail page of some repos (it will be available soon for all Ada repos, we're still processing some data!) and embed this chart in your project's README or docs.

Hope you find this content useful! Any feedback is really appreciated. Please note that be are still in beta πŸ™ We want to build a platform that allows everybody to easily explore the open source world! And if you are interested in other languages too, you should check out this page: https://opensource-heroes.com/languages


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