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Before yesterdayAda: When the software HAS to work

How to use Ada testing frameworks in VS Code (or with some other test runner)?

I got Alire based build & debug working in VS Code (on Windows), but how to configure AUnit (or any other Ada testing framework) based testing in VS Code? Alternatively, I am okay with other testing systems that would provide fluent setup and coding experience. Link to a complete example project with working test setup would be nice.

I am looking for a smooth experience in exploring my own code and libraries using tests, so being able to run a specific test and subset of tests would be very useful.

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Managing Multiple Projects

How do you go about organizing a bunch of different projects? I have several Ada (and other) projects, some of which depend on other projects and am looking for suggestions of how best to organize them.

My current approach is to have one "root" project that provides a top level package namespace (bbs) for all of my other projects. Thus, for example, my tiny Lisp interpreter is in the package bbs.lisp, with sub packages off of that. Each project is also in its own GitHub repository. Most projects also include some testing or use code that is not shared with other projects, and this code is outside of the bbs package hierarchy. Does this sound like a sensible approach? What is your approach?

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Latitude Looking For GNC Engineer (Ada experience a plus) to Work In Reims,France

Hi, after reading about Latitude adopting Ada and SPARK, I browsed their website and noticed the following job opening that mentions experience in “Ada would be a plus.” I hope this is a good potential for someone in the Ada community.

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AEiC 2024 - Ada-Europe conference - 2nd Call for Contributions

The 28th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2024) will take place in Barcelona, Spain from 11 to 14 June, and comprises different tracks and co-located events.

Submission deadlines: 15 January for journal track papers; 26 February for industrial track and work-in-progress track papers, tutorial and workshop proposals. Submit early: tutorial/workshop proposals will be evaluated ASAP, with decisions from 1 January 2024!

More information on the conference site, including an extensive list of topics, and details on the call for contributions for the various tracks.

#AEiC2024 #AdaEurope #AdaProgramming

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ChatGPT says there is a pragma Finalize_Procedure - is that correct?

I was playing around with ChatGPT producing code it produced...

 -- Finalization procedure procedure Finalize is begin -- Perform cleanup or finalization actions here Resource := 0; -- Reset the resource when the object goes out of scope end Finalize; pragma Finalize_Procedure (Finalize); 

A quick search found no reference to this pragma, so is ChatGPT imagining this?

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Blinken Lights Project

I am now able to toggle in a bootstrap and getting CP/M running on Pi-Mainframe project with my 8080 simulator. The repositories have been updated. Some more work is needed to polish things a bit, but you can see the lights blink for the address and data values.

The drawback for this being a practical simulation is the overhead of the I2C bus. From the speed at which the lights blink, the instruction rate seems to be about 200 instructions per second. It certainly slows the terminal output.

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Ravenscar on Multicore processor

My Googling is failing.

I'm trying to create a Ravenscar project for a RP2040 that has two cores.
The project has several tasks, protected objects, and interrupt handler procedures encased in protected objects.

I can statically set the CPU of a task with 'with CPU => N'. Can I do the same with a protected object? Or can I only do that for procedures in a protected object? Or does the protected procedure inherit the CPU affinity of the calling task? If that's the case, what happens for an interrupt?

Thanks for your help.

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Ada coding guide and code check software

I’m tasked with a big project codebase writen in Ada and I’ve to verify some recent updates. Relatively new in Ada although decent knowledge of C, I wonder do Ada coding guide (like Misra C) exists? If yes, is there software tool that helps someone like me to check a codebase against coding rules? I found an old spec published by ESA which is relesead in 1998 and I don’t know whether it’s still relevant? Can someone guide me to the right direction? Thanks

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AdaChess - chess engine fully written in Ada - release 4.0

Dear Ada developers, I am happy to announce the new release of the chess engine named AdaChess, fully written in Ada from scratch.

Available on github for download, currently, the engine has a playing strength equivalent to 2200-2300 ELO for a 30'+10" minute games.

AdaChess is GPL licences, with source and a precompiled executable available on the lik above.

AdaChess is a console application that requires (although is not mandatory) a GUI to play with (like Arena chess gui). Note: enable ponder via GUI if you want the engine to "think" during opponent time.

Play and enjoy!

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