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Ada task gets stuck on running

I have been facing on a problem about Ada task without getting know what it is root cause and consequenrly, without getting it solved. This is the first time I get this problem working with Ada task.

I have a package "pkg1" which it has a task that runs on loop periodically. One of the actions of this task is to call to a protected object that is on package "pkg2" in order to get some data. These data are updated by another task of other package "pkg3". Next action of the task of package "pkg1" just after previous one (calling to a protected object) is to call a procedure "proc1" that it is on package "pkg1" that calls to a procedure "proc2" that is on package "pkg4". Task of package "pkg1" gets stuck on the calling of procedure "proc2" of package "pkg4". It doesn't end calling to "proc2" of package "pkg4". Even more, it doesn't run any action of that procedure "proc2". Rest of tasks continΓΊe running, but task of package "pkg1" gets stuck at that point.

It would be very much appreciatef if someone could give any idea about what causes it and how to solve it. Thank you in advance

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