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Before yesterdayAda: When the software HAS to work

AEiC 2023 - Ada-Europe conference - Call for Contributions

The 27th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2023) will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, in the week of 13-16 June.

The conference schedule comprises a journal track, an industrial track, a work-in-progress track, a vendor exhibition, parallel tutorials, and satellite workshops.

Deadlines: 13 February 2023 for journal-track papers (extended); 27 February 2023 for industrial-track and work-in-progress-track papers, tutorial and workshop proposals.

Full details are available on the conference site, including an extensive list of topics and more information on the call for various kinds of contributions.


#AEiC2023 #AdaEurope #AdaProgramming

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Ada. Just give up already.

Been an Ada developer on and off for 35 years.

Might have been a cute idea for academics, but nobody ever liked the language. Nobody. It had to be forced on those who did use it. When the mandate went away so did most any new use of the language. Only old programmers use it - on legacy projects.

Call it off. Give it up. Go home. Get a life. Write some C++ instead.

Edit: Humor. I've been an industry proponent of Ada for 35 years. I have fought too many battles trying to advocate for the language - but no one ever likes hearing about it. Was trying to advocate for it's use to a company that makes smart land mines (safety critical!) last year and bossman had no idea what the language was, certainly was not going to entertain the idea of switching from C.

So I have given up and joined the darkness.

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How Put_Line() works?

I am trying to print some messages by command console using Put_Line and all of them are missing one or more variables to print.

My Put_Line are of the style:

Put_Line(Name & " blah blah" );


Put_Line("blah blah" & Name & "blah" & another_Name);

name and another_name are Unbounded_String

when I want to print integers, I can. But with Unbounded_String no, that is, Name and another_Name. The rest is printed.

And in some when I do:

Put_Line("----------blah blah" & Name & "blah" & another_Name);


Put_Line(" ----------" & Name & " blah blah" );

I can not.

Thanks in advance

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Protected type that can operate on different data sets?

Hi, not new to ada but haven't done a lot of "from scratch" development, mostly adding to or modifying existing packages. Very familiar with C/C++.

I have two separate arrays that I need to protect, to make reads and writes to them thread safe. The arrays are of the same type, but have different initial values and I know the initial values at compile time. Preferably these two arrays are protected separately, so accessing one does not lock out the other.

I can easily make two separate protected types with different names and different initial values for the arrays, but there must be a way I can write the getters and setters once and just create and assign them different arrays? Like a generic perhaps? I could also just pass the array into the protected objects' setters/getters as in/out parameters but it seems like it would be more apt to have the arrays be private inside the protected objects, no?

I've tried making a generic protected type, and passing the data array as an in/out generic parameter, but that doesn't seem to be possible.

Any pointers? I feel like I'm missing something obvious

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What is the best way to loop a vector that will change

I have a vector that I need to loop, and while I am looping the elements, elements further-on will change. I tried .Iterate, i tried for item in vec and for item of vec. Nothing seems to work. They say that I need a variable on the left side, which I would assume is because it doesn’t like me changing the vector. Anyway, can anyone provide some code, or link something that can help with this? My vector looks like this except the value is another type: package MyVector is new Ada.Containers.Vector(Positive, Integer);

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Gnattest "Aunit" Test harness file is not generating for Generic files


While creating environment using GNAT test AUnit
framework for generic test script files, I am getting below error. Test harness is not creating for the file under test, which has generic; instead of that it is creating all other unwanted test script files.


pal_api-btm-commands.ads:45:3: error: corresponding test FAILED: Test not implemented. (pal_api-btm-commands-test_data-tests.adb:44) pal_api-btm-commands.ads:55:3: error: corresponding test FAILED: Test not implemented. (pal_api-btm-commands-test_data-tests.adb:65)

Can someone let me know how to proceed generic files testing in Gnat "Aunit" Framework.


Thanks in Advance

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Ada for MAVLink protocol

The official repository of MAVLink merged the patch and now Ada can be used to work with MAVLink!

MAVLink is a serial protocol most commonly used to send data and commands between vehicles and ground stations. For example ArduPilot uses it.

See example on GitHub:


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Ada Kernel for Jupyter Notebook and VS Code

I released the Jupyter Notebook Ada Kernel as a static linked Linux x86_64 executable and published a simple VS Code extension to simplify its installation. VS Code has a native support of Jupyter Notebooks, so everything should work smoothly.

(Jupyter Notebooks are documents of Markdown and code cells. Code cells could be executed and provide result into the document. Good for experiments and teaching.)

The extension is available on the marketplace.

PS Happy New Year


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It's a brand new year! January 2023 What Are You Working On?

Welcome to the monthly r/ada What Are You Working On? post.

Share here what you've worked on during the last month. Anything goes: concepts, change logs, articles, videos, code, commercial products, etc, so long as it's related to Ada. From snippets to theses, from text to video, feel free to let us know what you've done or have ongoing.

Please stay on topic of course--items not related to the Ada programming language will be deleted on sight!

Previous "What Are You Working On" Posts

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Ada Noob, asking gor guide or reference.



I need to do something like this:

How to move forward?

I need to like make a hierarchy of structured data list / array as I mentioned on above image.

In the end I want to print something like:

Employee := Current_Employee; -- Ray

Put_Line ("The Sub Position of:" & Employee'Image & "is " & Employee.Engineer.Sub_Position'Image);


An answer (to be used by me as reference) or document reference is all fine.

Thanks alot!

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Ada + Machine Learning (Python Framework)

I'm trying to write a simple machine learning application in Ada, and also trying to find a good framework to use. My knowledge of one thing is extremely minimal, and of the other is somewhat minimal.

There are several nifty machine learning frameworks out there, and I'd like to leverage one for use with an Ada program, but I guess I'm just...at a loss. Can I use an existing framework written in Python, for instance and wrap (or I guess, bind?) the API calls in Ada? Should I just pass off the scripting capabilities? I'm trying to figure it out.

Case in point: Scikit (sklearn) https://scikit-learn.org/stable/tutorial/text_analytics/working_with_text_data.html#

This does some neat stuff, and I'd like to be able to leverage this, but with an Ada program. Does anyone have advice from a similar experience?

I am just researching, so I have tried finding information.

http://www.inspirel.com/articles/Ada_Python_Binding.html https://scikit-learn.org/stable/tutorial/text_analytics/working_with_text_data.html#

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