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Before yesterdayAda: When the software HAS to work

AEiC 2024 - Ada-Europe conference - 1st Call for Contributions

26 September 2023 at 12:24

The 28th Ada-Europe International Conference on Reliable Software Technologies (AEiC 2024) will take place in Barcelona, Spain in the week of 11-14 June.

The conference schedule comprises a journal track, an industrial track, a work-in-progress track, a vendor exhibition, parallel tutorials, and satellite workshops.

Deadlines: 15 January 2024 for journal-track papers; 26 February 2024 for industrial-track and work-in-progress-track papers, tutorial and workshop proposals.

More information is available on the conference site, including an extensive list of topics; details on the call for contributions for the various tracks will follow shortly.


#AEiC2024 #AdaEurope #AdaProgramming

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Question about setting up the dev environment in VScode

Hey all,

I'm new to the Ada programming language. I plan to learn this language well and help others learn it. I really like what I understand about the design. I'm also hoping to get into Embedded Systems, which is how I first heard about Ada.

What are your recommendations for setting up a dev environment? Are things such as alire important to have to use the language? I don't really understand the difference between SPARK and just regular Ada.

Thanks for helping me understand better.

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Is Ada truly seriously much more complex than Pascal?

15 September 2023 at 16:34

I expect to get a lot of negative response here, maybe even insulates, but I honestly don't mean any offence.

I have been an imbedded developer for a few decades, about equally C, C++ and Ada.

A few days ago I was chatting with an Ada dev, whom I am unlikely to see again. I was bitching about the complexity of C++ and said that I liked Ada as it was "just Pascal with a few twiddly bits".

He may have felt insulted, or defensive, as he immediately replied "oh, no, it's much more complex than that", but didn't have a chance to explain why.

We were talking about Ada 95, BTW.

Again, I did not mean to offend either him or you; I am more concerned that I have been missing something that could make me a better developer.

I realize that there are minor language feature differences, but did I miss a paradigm shift? Please don't flame me - pretty please?

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Gprbuild can’t find tool chain for Ada

Hi, On my Fedora 37 64-bit (Linux 6.3.8-100.fc3) I have two gnat installed, one for the host in /usr/bin and one for ARM targets in /opt/gnat/arm-elf/bin.

I removed /opt/gnat/bin from my PATH to avoid any complication. So now I have /usr/bon in my path, when I run which gnat, it does point to /usr/bin/gnat.

gnat -v gives me: GNAT 12.3.1 20230508 (Red Hat 12.3.1-1)

When I run gprbuild on my project (either with the terminal or through Gnat studio) I get: gprconfig: Can’t find a native tool chain for language ‘ada’ No compiler for language Ada

So I try to run gprconfig: gprconfig has found the following compilers on your PATH. Only those matching the target and the selected compilers are displayed. 1. GCC-ASM for Asm in /usr/bin version 12.3.1 2. GCC-ASM for Asm2 in /usr/bin version 12.3.1 3. GCC-ASM for Asm_Cpp in /usr/bin version 12.3.1 4. LD for Bin_Img in /usr/bin version 2.38-27.fc37 5. GCC for C un /usr/bin version 12.3.1

alr toolchain gives me: gprbuild 22.0.0 Available Detected at /usr/local/bin/gprbuild gnat_external 12.3.1 Available Detected at /usr/bin

Although Alire detects it (so it would probably work with it), I don’t want to use it, I don’t like it.

How can gprbuild see my gnat?

Thanks for your help!

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[ANN] GNAT Studio 24.0 for macOS Ventura.


Here is a very preliminary version of GNAT Studio 24.0wa as a stand alone app for macOS 13:


See readme for details.

Limitation: Ada Language Server has some latencies and doesn't respond when parsing source code with more 1000 lines. It may be due to some compilation options I missed.

There could be some other limitations that you might meet.

Feel free to report them on MacAda list (http://hermes.gwu.edu/archives/gnat-osx.html).

Any help will be really appreciated to fix these limitations.

Enjoy, Pascal.

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Ada task gets stuck on running

I have been facing on a problem about Ada task without getting know what it is root cause and consequenrly, without getting it solved. This is the first time I get this problem working with Ada task.

I have a package "pkg1" which it has a task that runs on loop periodically. One of the actions of this task is to call to a protected object that is on package "pkg2" in order to get some data. These data are updated by another task of other package "pkg3". Next action of the task of package "pkg1" just after previous one (calling to a protected object) is to call a procedure "proc1" that it is on package "pkg1" that calls to a procedure "proc2" that is on package "pkg4". Task of package "pkg1" gets stuck on the calling of procedure "proc2" of package "pkg4". It doesn't end calling to "proc2" of package "pkg4". Even more, it doesn't run any action of that procedure "proc2". Rest of tasks continúe running, but task of package "pkg1" gets stuck at that point.

It would be very much appreciatef if someone could give any idea about what causes it and how to solve it. Thank you in advance

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September 2023 What Are You Working On?

Welcome to the monthly r/ada What Are You Working On? post.

Share here what you've worked on during the last month. Anything goes: concepts, change logs, articles, videos, code, commercial products, etc, so long as it's related to Ada. From snippets to theses, from text to video, feel free to let us know what you've done or have ongoing.

Please stay on topic of course--items not related to the Ada programming language will be deleted on sight!

Previous "What Are You Working On" Posts

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How to rename standard library functions

I am unsuccessfully trying to rename Put_Line() as print().

I get this is silly, but it's just for my ease. Is this possible?

My code so far:

with Ada.Text_IO;

use Ada.Text_IO;

procedure Hello is

function print renames Put_Line;


print("Hello, test world!");


print("I am an Ada program with package use.");

end Hello;

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